The Company

Seabuckthorn International Inc. (SII) is a British Columbia registered corporation based in Peachland, British Columbia.   SII is the primary source of high quality products produced from the berry, seed and leaf of the Seabuckthorn plant which is wholesaled and retailed internationally into the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets.

 The business of SII is to provide a range of products derived from the Seabuckthorn plant. The products, which include seed oil, berry oil, berry juice and powder, soaps, teas, beverages, creams, shampoos, sunscreens, etc., all utilize the unique characteristics of the seabuckthorn plant.

Susan McLoughlin President and CEO

Susan McLoughlin is the founder and principle shareholder of Seabuckthorn International Inc.  She has been working with Seabuckthorn since 1991.  In partnership with her late husband Colin, Ms. McLoughlin pioneered the Seabuckthorn Industry in Canada. A world renowned expert in all aspects of  Seabuckthorn, Ms. McLoughlin is responsible for the creation and manufacture of the world’s most complete and unique, full line of consumer Seabuckthorn Products.  This full line of cosmeceutical and nutraceutical Seabuckthorn Products is generally recognized as the most successful in the world today.  

An SBT Summer In Peachland 

Peachland, with a population nearing 5,000, is a unique community located along the Okanagan Lake. It is situated on the southwest shores of the lake between Kelowna and Penticton on Highway 97. Although tourism makes up a large part of Peachland's economy, Peachland is also known for its fruits and wines.


An SBT Winter In Peachland

Seabuckthorn is a very hardy plant which grows well in the Central Plains of North America.  Its botanical name is Hippophae Rhamnoides L. which means “bright shining horse As described in the eighth century Tibetan medical book “Gyad Bzi”, Seabuckthorn contains over 190 nutritional compounds in the seeds, fruit and leaves. While each of these compounds is effective on its own, it is their synergies which make Seabuckthorn such a powerful nutraceutical. Seabuckthorn berries can stay on the branches throughout the winter providing nourishment for birds and small animals.

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