A Real Life Rosacea Success Story

Your seabuckthorn products have worked wonders on my rosacea skin problems...

"I wanted to let you know that your Seabuckthorn Products have worked wonders on my Rosacea skin problems! I was at my wits end, and tried your products in the summer of 2007 as a last resort. My skin inflammation was very severe, as it had progressed to the stage II of Rosacea. Additionally, living in Florida where we experience 100 plus degree Summers for nine months out of the year, the unrelenting, intense heat only served to inflame my skin worse! To my great surprise, your Seabuckthorn Products actually worked!!

It took about two weeks using your Berry Soap, and Seed Oil faithfully morning and night, before I began to see the real beginnings of healing, and thereafter, every day my skin began to gradually get better! I was so excited and filled with hope! Every morning became an adventure to see the new healing on my face!! After about a month, my skin began to look so much better, that my extreme embarrassment in having people notice my terrible skin began to lessen, and I felt a sense of freedom and personal empowerment that I hadnít had for the past four miserable years, since I entered Menopause and was stricken with Rosacea!

Now, after more than six months of faithfully using your Seabuckthorn products, my skin positively glows with good health! All traces of redness and red bumps have disappeared, and only a very tiny amount of red flush appears in my T-Zone, after I am forced to spend a protracted amount of time in our 100 plus Florida heat! I am sure that with time in using your wonderful Seabuckthorn Products, this heat induced, red inflammation flush will disappear too! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your Seabuckthorn Products! I am so very grateful!! God Bless you."

Paula Marie Finstad

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